Welcome to the Dance World

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Come Dance Tonight! is the epicenter of social activity, with adult social dance classes, and weekly party practice sessions. 


We concentrate on the four styles of social dance:-

  • Ballroom
  • Nightclub
  • Latin
  • Country/Western


We offer private instruction every day of the week, and class lessons are held every evening.


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- Plato

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"

Millennium Center for the

Performing Arts

D​owntown Cortez Event Center


How we teach:  

All of the instructors at Come Dance Tonight teach by using an inter-related system.  This is VERY important to your progress, and this is how it works:

  • There are only four basic elements in dance movement.
  • Everything you'll learn here, will be comprised of those four basic elements (we call them components).
  • Whether you take one lesson or 1000 lessons, you'll be learning from those four basic components.
  • This means, it isn't so different to learn the Two Step from the Tango, for example: and the Rumba isn't so different from the Waltz!

What we teach:

It is important to the Come Dance Tonight instructors to keep the lesson topics rotating:

  • Each lesson concentrates on different dances.  We feel that by working on only one dance per month, for example, you would become proficient in that dance, but you would be denied dancing all the other styles and rhythms necessary for a fun and well-rounded dance experience.
  • By rotating the dances, you will work on the four basic components and see the similarities the different dances hold, and you'll immediately gain an appreciation of the different rhythms and cultures!
  • Our students learn the basics to all the most popular dances in the world within 3 lessons or so!

Why we teach:

  • Dancing will give you an activity that is life lengthening. 3 hours of dancing is the equivalent to walking 17.2 miles!
  • It is also the best way to meet new people from all age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, singles and couples.
  • And lastly, being able to move with music is nothing less than a work of art!